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  • Jason Hesley

Black Orchid Empire Touring the UK this Fall!

Black Orchid Empire have quite the reputation as a ferocious live band.

Today, the British prog rockers are announcing a fresh run of tour dates. They'll be playing shows across the UK this October. Get tickets HERE.

"We're super stoked to be heading back out on the road!" says vocalist and guitarist Paul Visser. "It's been awesome to see the fantastic response to 'Tempus Veritas' and we can't wait to play some of these songs to people who haven't experienced them live before. This tour hits a few new places for us - go grab a ticket and we'll see you at a show!"

Black Orchid Empire have blown away audiences across Europe with heavy metallic riffs, crisp but concussive drumming and aching vocal melodies. Festival crowds have screamed along to their powerhouse choruses at Download, Standon Calling and Planet Rockstock. They've got a big fan in Skin, who's brought them on tour with Skunk Anansie.

The band will be playing songs off 'Tempus Veritas'. New Noise said "there simply isn't a note that falls flat" on their new album and called Black Orchid Empire "the new standard for prog rock.

Go behind the scenes of 'Tempus Veritas' and learn how Black Orchid Empire was inspired by Galileo, Vikings and other moments in "hi-fi".

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