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  • Jason Hesley

Black metal trio SIGNS OF THE DYING SUMMER released new album!

SIGNS OF THE DYING SUMMER (SotDS) was formed by Sadogoat (guitars), Uhu (programming) and A. Sarg (voice) in the early days of summer 2020 as a tribute to early Tiamat and Katatonia records mixed with sinister atmosphere of music of bands such as Shining and Forgotten Tomb.

"Promenada ciszy" is second full-length album from depressive black metal Signs Of The Dying Summer. The material was recorded betweem March and October 2022. Mix and mastering was done by Marcin Rybicki (In Twilight's Embrace, Mānbryne, Warfist). Album consists of six new songs and "Stalemate" Katatonia cover. Lazarus from Medico Peste and Greg from Martwa Aura appeared on two tracks as guests with their grieving shrieks. Drawings from booklet and cover artwork were prepared by Edward Kreft. "Promenada ciszy" is a pilgrimage towards the mourning. Main themes presented in lyrics are nihilism, evanescence and grieving.

Album was released digitally (May 8th, 2023) and on CD (August 19th, 2023) with cooperation of Polish label Putrid Cult (webstore).

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