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  • Jason Hesley

Black Metal Outfit SUPERTERRESTRIAL Release New Single "Transient Lunar Phenomenon"

The celestial SUPERTERRESTRIAL are preparing to unleash their 3rd album The Fathomless Decay on January 27th, 2023. Joining together the speed and darkness of black metal with ethereal soundscapes, The Fathomless Decay embarks on an immersive voyage into the unknown. Today the band has revealed their new single "Transient Lunar Phenomenon", you can stream it HERE.

"We are very pleased to reveal the track "Transient Lunar Phenomenon" from our upcoming album “The Fathomless Decay”. After the last few years of writing and recording we have put together the culmination of our original goal, to capture the cold, harsh and unforgiving nature of all that surrounds this planet we call home. We feel that this track provides a good example of all that we have achieved with this album.” - SUPERTERRESTRIAL

SUPERTERRESTRIAL draw influences from across the black metal genre, including DARKTHRONE, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, and MAKE A CHANGE....KILL YOURSELF, along with soundtrack composers such as John Carpenter. The quartet deliver a sense of grounding through metal instrumentation while venturing into worlds beyond ours through airy synths and ambient textures. "Dark Energy" opens The Fathomless Decay with a compelling introduction to their distinctive style. Exploring the key aspects of SUPERTERRESTRIAL's identity, this track establishes the mood for the album. "Transient Lunar Phenomenon" contrasts speed and rhythmic chord progressions, with a soundtrack fitting for the void. "Periastron" segues through multiple riff-driven sections and haunting expanses of vast electronics while 80s-inspired synth tones bring an eerie air to "Heliacal Rising". Exploding into a heavy assault, demonic harsh vocals emerge out of the dominating gloom.

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