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Black Metal Band 'H' Announce "Dominus Draconis"

H is a black metal band from Italy born with the idea to create something extreme that fits both their musical inspiration and tradition. The band is made up between C. and R (mastermind of the one man band Ergot via ATMF) who together wrote all the music and adapted to the lyrics with the collaboration of two other session musicians on drums and bass recordings. A first full-length named “Dominus Draconis” is recorded at Orange Studio in Trieste with all analogic equipment between 2020 and 2021. All the lyrics are in original language extracted from The Book Of Revelation and they are interpreted according to the vision of the eternal war between the good and evil. Every lyric has its own handmade artwork inspired to the old medieval texture and all famous artists such Bosh as an example. The artwork was commissioned to the Italian artist Lucia D'asta, under the supervision of the great Italian master Piero Colombani

Every song represents a part of The Book Of Revelation, you can have an idea reading the follower point:

01 H - XVI, II 16,2- Mors Omnia Solvit

02 H - XVII, III 17,3 - Dominus Draconis

03 H - VI, XII 6,12- Il Sesto Sigillo (The Sixth Seal)

04 H - XVIII, VIII 18,8 - Bruciata Dal Fuoco (Burned by fire -> is referred to Babilonia)

05 H - IX, VII 9,7 - Locuste Dall'Abisso (Locusts From The Abyss)

06 H - VIII, I 8,1 - Il Silenzio Nel Cielo (The Silence Above The Sky)

07 H -XXI, VIII 21,8- La Seconda Morte (The Second Death) The first number correspond to the chapter, the second to the paragraph

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