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  • Jason Hesley


'CARRION ANGEL,’ is the new EP from black metal band CERULEAN. The album’s influences may be worn on its blackened, bloodstained sleeves but its style forges a different path through haunted hallways. The five songs contained within are dissonant and unconventional enough to catch the attention of outsiders but cold and vicious enough to satisfy even the most pessimistic of black metal fans.

CERULEAN was founded in 2017, consisting of members in both San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona. A split demo with VOIDLEGACY was released that same year and followed up the next with the demo of ‘SKY BURIAL.’ ‘GNASHING OF THE TEETH’ was released as a single in June of 2023.

‘CARRION ANGEL’ was self-produced and mixed to be similar in sound to DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s ‘PARACLETUS/SYNARCHY OF MOLTEN BONES’ eras. The album is a trip into the last vestiges of faltering sanity as true insanity takes its place through a raw and wild blackened abyss of songwriting that’s also razor sharp in both tone and focus.

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