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  • Jason Hesley

Black Lion Records Releases Afterlife in Darkness Part 4 Label Sampler!

Black Lion Records has unveiled its newest label sampler - Afterlife in Darkness Part 4. This compilation showcases fresh, unreleased material from emerging artists of 2023-2024, offering an immersive journey into a diverse array of sounds.

Afterlife in Darkness Part 4 is available as a free download, ensuring accessibility for all music enthusiasts.

The artwork for this compilation carries a unique history. Originally intended for a funeral doom/doom solo project, it adds a hauntingly beautiful touch to this collection, despite the project never taking off and the recordings being scrapped, created by Marcos Cerutti.

Additionally, the album cover pays homage to the incredible funeral doom, doom, and death bands I've had the privilege to work with, as well as the remarkable artists who continue to release captivating albums. For those who know me personally, my deep affection for funeral doom, doom, and death music is unmistakable, making this project particularly meaningful.

The music and tracks featured in this compilation are a blend of previously released and unreleased material from our bands, offering listeners a sneak peek into their upcoming albums.

Stream and download Afterlife in Darkness Part 4 at


1.An Epistle to the Prime, Vivified - Vesperian Sorrow

2.Irreverence of the Cross - Summoner's Circle

3.The Black Pope - Disloyal

4.Capricious Disembodied Villain - Codex Mortis

5.Paradiset - Ondfodt

6.Crippled At The Core - Duskwalker

7.Homo Deus - Ephialtes

8.Hominis Obscura - Aeolian

9.Shape And Geometry - Apotheus

10.The Fear Campaign - Demonstealer

11.Death My Becoming - Silva

12.The Furnace - Imperial Demonic

13.A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings - The Arcane Order

14.Nothingness - Farsoth

15.Father From The Flame - Solemn Vision

16.Dead Lights Beckon Me - Blood Stained Dusk

17.Fire At Will - Fäust

18.Greed And Lies - Blackning

19.The Dark Age - Shūnyatā

20.Night Terror - Onheil

21.Stab The Lamb - Gyrdleah

22.Nothing But Death - Daemonicus

23.Reborn - Kozoria

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