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  • Jason Hesley

Black Grail to release "Misticismo regresivo"

විරෑපී (VIRŪPI) presents Black Grail’s lauded debut album, Misticismo regresivo, in cassette format for the very first time. Cassettes have been available since 21 August 2023.

While operating in the shadows, Black Grail has steadily carved its presence within the underground, amassing a reputation of infamy through a discography that includes two full-lengths (Misticismo regresivo in 2015 and Dinámicas espirituales in 2021), a notable split w/ Ysengrin (in 2015), and the most recent EP (VIIII in 2022). Ever since ascending in 2005, the Chilean black metal entity has been spilling their liquor over the world, pushing the boundaries of societal norms with audacious fervor.

Misticismo regresivo brings a traumatic experience to the listeners, offering seven chapters of ruined psychophonies. A manifestation of magic and mysticism, this opus emerges as a bridge between a trance-like, ritualistic atmosphere and the raw, terror-inducing soundscape of black metal. Recorded as a triumvirate between early 2013 to early 2014, Black Grail unleashed the album on slipcase CD in March 2015 via Uncreation Records. A vinyl edition was later issued by Final Agony Records (USA) and Tyrannus Records (Chile).

Black Grail is currently crafting their third full-length album.

Track Listing:

1. Diálogo entre arcanos

2. La ciudadela de Shiva

3. Iluminación oscura

4. Plegaria catártica

5. Elevación frustrada

6. Fotofobia póstuma

7. Carta de un Samsari

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