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  • Jason Hesley

Black/Death Metal Veterans THULCANDRA Release Official Music Video for “Nocturnal Heresy"

After the announcement of their new album, A Dying Wish, alongside freezing album opener and first single “Funeral Pyre”, black/death metal veterans THULCANDRA leave no time to catch your breath with the drop of one of the album’s key standouts, second single “Nocturnal Heresy”.

THULCANDRA deliver another deadly statement of true Swedish death metal alongside a hard hitting music video! “Nocturnal Heresy” combines destructive guitar riffs with stomping beats that withstand even the fiercest blizzard! Together with the grim growls of Steffen Kummerer, “Nocturnal Heresy” is a dangerous banger with several doom metal passages that create a dark, ruthless wall of sound!

Steffen Kummerer on “Nocturnal Heresy”:

“Nocturnal Heresy” marks another filthy cut of our upcoming album A Dying Wish. With the combination of our very own sound with a long lasting middle section we turn down the everlasting speed to show you a different side of THULCANDRA. “Nocturnal Heresy” will become part of our release tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland later the year.”

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