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  • Jason Hesley

Black/Death Metal Veterans THULCANDRA Release New Single “Scarred Grandeur”

Death/black metal veterans THULCANDRA have frozen this autumn with their ice-cold riffing! Their brand new single “Scarred Grandeur”, out today, is a versatile tour de force that kicks off the final lap towards the release of A Dying Wish!

Scarred Grandeur” worships the glory of putrefying death as it promises clashing guitar play, epic mid-tempo moments, rapid outbursts and discreet acoustics in honor of traditional death metal defined by Unanimated, Dissection or Dismember. With this track, THULCANDRA head directly into the eye of the storm, clearing the path for their upcoming, bone-chilling full-length, A Dying Wish.

Steffen Kummerer on “Scarred Grandeur”:

“Scarred Grandeur“ shows a rather pure and unpolished side of the band. You hear a real band performing relentless from front to end without any compromises. Filthy guitars, scruffy bass and nasty drums – listen to our new single and catch THULCANDRA at a show near you!”

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