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  • Jason Hesley

Bizarrekult Cover Depeche Mode!

Amidst both the icy solitude of Siberia's winters and the haunting desolation of the Norwegian landscape, Roman V - the lone mastermind behind BIZARREKULT - found solace in "Useless", a song that emerged more than 20 years ago during a dark and despairing time for global pop stars Depeche Mode.

"I found myself losing control of my life, immersed in a seemingly endless series of dramatic events that worsened each day," Roman reflects. "In those dark days, 'Useless' became a perfect companion, a soundtrack to my struggle, echoing my tired and bruised existence but still standing, battling the abyss."

Listen to the post-black metal mastermind perform a haunting cover of "Useless" by Depeche Mode.

Bizarrekult's cover of "Useless" serves as a convergence of two seemingly disparate musical worlds. Roman V weaves the melancholic threads of Depeche Mode into his visceral tapestry of black metal, which resembles Wiedgedood and Paradise Lost. His guides—Alexander on drums, Ignat on guitar, Magnus (Myrvandrer) on bass, and the newly inducted Jørgen Norby (Obzene) - cast growls, shrieks, and screams, like shadows upon a wall.

Bizarrekult's second album Den Tapte Krigen is now available on Season of Mist.

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