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  • Jason Hesley

BILLYBIO - new video single "Black Out"

“Black Out” is the new BillyBio video single from the album titled, Leaders And Liars, which is set for March 25, 2022 release worldwide via AFM Records. In light of current global events, “Black Out” lyrics will surely resonate with many fans around the world: “you pushed me over the edge / now I'm seeing blackness / fear is the enemy, destroyer of fate / control the future, fight the negative.”

Graziadei says “Self control is a path not followed by many. The ability to deal with dark emotions in a positive manner is true enlightenment. I’ve missed the mark too many times in my life to go down that road another time. True strength comes from the power to overcome instinct. One thing we all need to remember: don’t mistake kindness for weakness. We all have that breaking point, a line in the sand that we draw. “Black Out” is about the struggle to not cross that line — and the consequences to it being crossed.”

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