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  • Jason Hesley

Bifid Corpse x Surfer James x Pythian to release a 3-way split album!

The atmosphere of the Midwestern United States gives rise to a variety of horrifying amalgamations of extreme music. On occasion, artists will even band together to mash their particular style sonic disorder against another’s resulting in an absolute mess of noise and heavy sound. This is one such occurrence, as three bands – Bifid Corpse,

Surfer James, and Pythian – have come together with their distinct methods of mayhem to create an album that screams with chaos. Bifid Corpse is a two piece from out of Chicago, Illinois that walks the line between grindcore and death metal with

deep, seething anger and a fury of rampaging low sound. Surfer James comes to us from Detroit, Michigan and hits hard and fast on a series of short songs filled with frantic hardcore and power violence. Pythian has emerged from Toledo, Ohio playing an unpredictable mix of sludge and post-metal with layers of noise that leaves listeners


On the surface, these three bands may not seem like obvious partners for a split album, but all of the songs contributed have a central sound filled with chaotic rhythms and audible anarchy. The result is a wonderfully turbulent release that will leave listeners’ veins filled with adrenaline and minds filled with static! CDs and digital copies will be available from Morbid And Miserable Records on January 28, 2022.

Track listing:

1. Bifid Corpse – Stabbed In The Face

2. Bifid Corpse – Smoke & Mirrors

3. Surfer James – Neglected (Disrupt cover)

4. Surfer James – Cage

5. Surfer James – Sacrificial Farce

6. Surfer James – Blistered Hands

7. Pythian – Permanent Shadow

8. Pythian – Cannibal Voice

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