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  • Jason Hesley

Beyond The Night release "Reminiscence of the New Dawn"

Deathcore band Beyond The Night from Lahti have released their debut EP called Reminiscence of The new dawn on Friday 10.6.2022. EP includes three previously unreleased songs and single release ”Demon Prince”. EP is mixed and mastered By Rami Nykänen. ” it was a pleasure to work with Beyond The Night once again. The material of the band is awesome. We wanted make the EP sound ultimately heavy and epic, and I think we succeeded. I look forward to the band’s future. ” Says Nykänen. Currently, Beyond The Night is focusing on composing new material. Earlier in the spring, the band was supplemented into a whole band as Niki Lehtosalo was concreted behind the drums. You can listen Reminiscence of the new dawn EP below.

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