• Jason Hesley

BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS to release "From Hell"

Australian death metallers BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS are set to re-release their acclaimed debut album "From Hell" via Nuclear Winter Records.

Originally released in 2008, the album will see a new CD release with a revamped artwork on May 17th, 2021.

Existing in the Adelaide/Australian metal world since the mid 90's, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS has always delivered a dark and brutal style of Death Metal.

In 2008, BMD independently released its first full length album "From Hell", seven tracks of of blasting drums, savage riffing, shredding solos and guttural vocals.

The fiends responsible for this slab of death: Pahl 'Doomsayer' Hodgson - Guitar/Vocals, Matthew 'Hellaeon' Butt - Drums, Jamie 'Bloodspawn' Whyte - Guitar, Ross 'Ghuul' Duncan - Bass.

Though remaining largely underground, "From Hell" slowly spread out amongst the metal community locally and abroad with positive reception, establishing BMD as a brutal Death Metal force.

Fast forward to 2019, in collaboration with Nuclear Winter Records, "From Hell" was unleashed once again, remastered and featuring new artwork as a limited vinyl pressing. A reminder to old fans and introducing to new, the seven hellstorms of fire and savagery contained within.

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