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  • Jason Hesley

Beyond Awareness' drop the single "Nightfall"

Finnish metalcore band Beyond Awareness is set to release their new single "Nightfall" on November 10, 2023. This track is a fusion of different metal subgenres with elements of pop and electronic music, showcasing the band's unique approach to modern metalcore. "Nightfall" delves into the theme of nightmares, characterized by heavy metalcore riffs and catchy melodies that define the band's signature sound. It follows the success of their viral single "Crime," which gained significant traction on TikTok and Spotify. The single, a precursor to their upcoming debut album expected in 2024, highlights Beyond Awareness as a promising act in the modern metal scene. Fans of I Prevail and Smash Into Pieces will find a strong connection to their music. The single was written by Jere Tarkkanen and Miika Huhtala, produced by Miika Huhtala and James Carey, and mixed by Rami Nykänen.

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