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  • Jason Hesley

BEWITCHER Unleashes Remastered Version of “Speed 'Til You Bleed (Midnight Hunters demo, 2015)”

Black magick metal masters Bewitcher is now unleashing the remastered version of “Speed 'Til You Bleed (Midnight Hunters demo, 2015), which is taken from their upcoming rarities and B-sides album, which is due on November 17, 2023 via Century Media Records! 'Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves: Ten Years of Black Leather, Black Magic & White Hot Fucking Steel,' is a massive 17-track compilation of Bewitcher original demo recordings, including rare and previously unreleased material, all remastered as well as two brand new studio tracks.

The searing offering can be found along with a visualizer at THIS LOCATION.

The band comments: “One of the all-time classic Bewitcher tracks, the title says it all. Live fast, go hard, do it for the devil.”

Pre-orders are now available and can be found HERE.

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