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  • Jason Hesley

Between The Killings to release "The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 - Reflection of Murder"

“It's a process; it doesn't happen overnight, when you depersonalize another person and view them as just an object. An object for pleasure and not a living breathing human being. It seems to make it easier to do things you shouldn't do.” - Jeffrey Dahmer

They never understand that there is no point in all the begging and pleading, the stuttering attempts at conversation, at connecting with me, appealing to my ‘better nature’ with lists of their children’s names. I have no better nature, no empathy, no interest in their dull little lives. Once they are here in my windowless room there is no happy ending to the story, no last minute reprieve or dramatic rescue...there is only crying, screaming, bleeding – lots of bleeding – and eventually, eventually dying. Why must I do this? Because I want to. Because I like it. There’s nothing deeper than that, no more meaning to their ending, no more value to their tears. Between The Killings take you inside the warped mind of a killer. Lead you down the shadowed passageways of their psyche, through rooms of crimson horror and chambers of wickedness. Reach out, touch the essence of cruelty and stare into the gaping void where a heart and soul should reside – this is the unsettling, unnerving experience of The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 - Reflection of Murder. Ferocious, brutal death metal supreme, wrapped in coils of agony and shrouded in terror, delivered by a team of seasoned savages, featuring current and ex members of Horrific Demise, Gorgasm, Lividity, Colossus, Mortal Decay and Rupture Christ. Vast riffs adorned with intricate guitar melodies, bestial vocals and cascading solos like fountains of blood, deft and dextrous rhythmic complexities all propelled by monstrous force, all surrounded by a miasma of fear. And this is just the beginning. Between The Killing will be releasing a series of four EPs, each one expanding on the tale of a serial killer, each one accompanied by a graphic comic bringing the twisted tale to life, with all artwork created by Karl Dahmer (Nunslaughter, Exhumed, Gutalax etc). Under the scarred, skeletal wing of Comatose Music, Between The Killings will unleash Reflection Of Murder on their innocent victims on July 1st. Armed with an incredibly powerful sound, conjured up by Tony Tipton (Kraanium, Metal Against Coronavirus etc), this EP will strike like a hammer to the skull. Dry your tears and prepare to be taught the meaning of pain, the lessons of brutality, the gospel of death – Between The Killings are on their way!

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