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  • Jason Hesley

Besra to release Transitions via "Suicide Records"

Change is often painful. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut Anhedonia, Finnish progressive post-metal band Besra has been looking for ways to shed their skin. Born from the vision of guitarist Johannes Nygård (ex-Callisto), the group's music has always defied easy categorisation. Now, after a long writing and recording process, they're ready to unleash their bold second album ”Transitions” via Suicide Records.

The band's drummer, Ville Kaisla, opens up about the theme of the album:

”Transitions” revolves around confronting the complexities of human behavior and the tumultuous landscapes we create – both in our social behavior and to the world around us. Only change is constant, and often painful – whether it's about the world situation, human relationships, your daily state of mind, or even our band's musical development. The oldest song on the album is over five years old, and the freshest one was completed just a few weeks before recording sessions started. In this sense, the album became an interesting cross-section of the transformation we have gone through ourselves."

The album was recoded at Rødhouse Studio and mixed and mastered by Cult Of Luna's Magnus Lindberg who, upon hearing the material, was convinced he was dealing with something special.

Vocalist, Hannes Hietarinta, continues:

"At the beginning, the band struggled with the diversity of the songs, but unified long recording sessions and carefully considered song order ultimately created a cohesive yet versatile album. Magnus also did an excellent job with the mixing, adding depth, warmth, and tightness to our sound!"

Besra guides the listener through a spectrum of emotions. Growling vocals meet melancholy melodies; the experimental metal aesthetics of Cave In, The Ocean and Mastodon blend together with unexpected echoes of Russian Circles and Mogwai.

Having emerged from their transitional period, Besra is ready to both fascinate and challenge a wide number of metal and alternative music fans. This is the perfect moment to join in on the journey.

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