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  • Jason Hesley

BESRA Streams Entire Second "Transitions"

Finnish post-metal collective BESRA today share their entire second full-length album "Transitions", ahead of the release date set for tomorrow, September 29th via Suicide Records.

"Transitions" is now playing in full at Decibel Magazine at this location.

Drummer Ville Kaisla had this to say about the album:

“Transitions revolves around confronting the complexities of human behavior and the tumultuous landscapes we create—both in our social behavior and to the world around us. Only change is constant, and often painful–whether it’s about the world situation, human relationships, your daily state of mind, or even our band’s musical development. The oldest song on the album is over five years old, and the freshest one was completed just a few weeks before recording sessions started. In this sense, the album became an interesting cross-section of the transformation we have gone through ourselves.”

Vocalist Hannes Hietarinta adds: "At the beginning, the band struggled with the diversity of the songs, but unified long recording sessions and carefully considered song order ultimately created a cohesive yet versatile album. Magnus also did an excellent job with the mixing, adding depth, warmth, and tightness to our sound!"

If you missed it, a music video for the album's leading single "Sentinels" is still playing at this location and a video for second single "Prison Without Locks" is still playing here.

Recorded at Rødhouse Studio and mixed and mastered by Cult Of Luna's Magnus Lindberg,the follow-up to their critically acclaimed first studio album "Anhedonia" is the result of a long and arduous writing and recording process and sees BESRA circling through a vast spectrum of emotions and sonic textures encompassing elements of post-rock, post-metal and ambient. Pre-orders are now availablehere.

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