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  • Jason Hesley

BESNA To Release Debut on Vinyl and Cassette Via Fiadh Productions and Vita Detestabilis!

After the critically acclaimed release of their album Zverstvá, BESNA is now releasing both vinyl and cassette versions of the album via Fiadh Productions and Vita Detestabilis on December 2nd. Pre-orders can be placed through Fiadh Productions HERE and Vita Detestabilis HERE.

Zverstvá is the debut full-length album from the Bratislava post-black-metal band BESNA, which was originally self-released on March 11th, 2022.

Through Zverstvá, BESNA has shaped a peculiar post-metal sound that combines post-rock, black metal, and more modern death metal elements, with great melodies, atmospheres, and the right amount of anger to talk about issues such as conflicts of opinion, crimes of past regimes in Slovakia, human tragedies, the climate crisis, and a dystopian world.

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