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  • Jason Hesley

Benighted Crawl Under Your Skin on New Album!

BENIGHTED weave a writhing tale of psychological horror on their new album, which was recorded at Kohlekeller Studio. Famous for working with bands like Aborted and Powerwolf, producer Kristian Kohlmannslehner helped Benighted twist their brutal brand of death metal into something truly tormenting.  

Ekbom refers to delusional parasitosis, a real-life phenomenon that makes people believe their skin is infested with bugs. Just try not to shiver while watching the  creepy-crawly music video for lead single "Scars".  

Ekbom comes out April 12, 2024.

"Scars" will make the hairs on the back of your neck jump. The song blasts straight into Julien Truchan's signature pig squeal. The riffs are as fast as they are nimble, but Benighted compliment their grinding technicality with clever drum breaks and harmonic passages. Creepy, gruesome and still absolutely brutal, the French band are back to crack open the deepest, darkest recesses of our skulls. 

Video created by Kick Your Eye Productions.

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