• Jason Hesley

BENEDICTION - Release Music Video For "Tear Off These Wings"!

UK death meal pioneers BENEDICTION are unleashing a new music video for the song "Tear Off These Wings" from their most recent album "Scriptures", which was released on Oct 16th, 2020, through NUCLEAR BLAST. The video was put together & edited by none other than singer Dave Ingram himself.

Be sure to grab the BRAND NEW PICTURE VINYL variant of BENEDICTION's much lauded new album "Scriptures"!



The new album "Scriptures" sounds 100% like BENEDICTION: they blend death metal with a "fuck-off punk rock attitude", heavy metal riffing and a groove that hardly any other band can capture. Dave Ingram's signature growl and powerful lyrics enhance the tonal framework that makes their sound so distinctly BENEDICTION. As usual the tracks vary from slow and heavy to fast and intense, from shorter, in your face rippers to crushing monoliths.

The artwork fits perfectly to BENEDICTION and awakens and will resonate with any devoted Old School Death Metal fan. It was created by Birmingham artist Simon Harris and is reminiscent of the iconic artwork of their early output. There's no doubt that it will fit in perfectly to every vinyl collection next to "Subconscious Terror", "The Grand Leveler" or "Transcend The Rubicon".

All in all, "Scriptures" is an album of bare bones death metal, where everything is just as it should be. A jewel in the catalogue of a band that has been present from the very beginning and, in line with one of their most classic songs "We bow to None", has always remained true to themselves and their fans.

BENEDICTION are BACK! And they are better than EVER!

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