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  • Jason Hesley

BELPHEGOR - 'new' single "Blackest Sabbath 1997"!

After announcing the ascent of their earliest demons, the reissues "The Last Supper" (1995) and "Blutsabbath" (1997) on January 14th, European Death Metal veterans BELPHEGOR release a new digital single.

Today, the newly recorded and mixed track, "Blackest Sabbath 1997" sees the light of day - a medley of two songs from the "Blutsabbath" album.

Turn the speakers to the max and check out the full track here:

Of course, BELPHEGOR do not serve that fresh piece of extreme metal without any appealing visuals. Find your audiovisual Antichristmass now on Youtube:

BELPHEGOR main man Helmuth comments: "We've rearranged and re-recorded a medley of two songs off the BLUTSABBATH album [1997] as a promotional single for the re-release of our first two full-length LPs due 14th January 2022 in double CD and single LP formats. Florian Klein, aka Torturer, tracked the drums, and the “BLACKEST SABBATH 1997” was mixed & mastered at Jens Bogren´s Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden. It was a thrilling experiment to re-record this song I wrote in 1996 with a new soundwall, our current skills and recording capabilities 25 years later. We hail you demons, enjoy this special offering from us!"

"The Last Supper" (1995) and "Blutsabbath" (1997) will be unleashed next year on Vinyl and together as double CD format. The records will be out on January 14th and you can pre-order these BELPHEGOR beauties under this link:

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