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  • Jason Hesley

Belgian melodic metal band Elusion will release a new album called 'The Fundamental Paradox!'

Melodic metal band ELUSION will be releasing their second album ‘The Fundamental Paradox’ on the 13th of January ’23. The song ‘… In Love And War’ is the second single and shows you the band at its best: away from the well-trodden paths, up tempo but so catchy it’ll be difficult to get it out of your head.

Elusion was founded by musical centipede Domingo Smets (ex-ANCIENT RITES, ex-AGATHOCLES). The band is completed by Evy Verbruggen on vocals and Frederik Van Mieghem on drums.

Evy Verbruggen comments:

“The song talks about the fine line between love and hate. They seem to be opposites, but in this song you hear the story of a dysfunctional relationship where they cannot live with nor cannot live without each other. “

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