• Jason Hesley

Belgian Heavy Metal Band WarDogs released their second lyric video.....!!!

On the 28th of March 2021, the Belgian Heavy Metal Band WarDogs released the second of three newly recorded singles on their YouTube Channel.

For this second track, Waltz of the Wicked, the band created yet another flashy Lyric Video.

The band explores a more Thrashier sound as they go down to hell to play in the hottest party of the year.

Quote from the band regarding this song: “The song is all about what happens to the wicked of the earth when they finally breathe their last breath. In this story they all go down to hell where they are forced to dance in a never-ending party before the throne of Evil! The Waltz-y rhythm in the opening and ending of the track are to emphasize this unholy Ballroom feel!”

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