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  • Jason Hesley

Belgian black metal masters Serpents Oath sign to Odium Records!

Belgian black metal horde Serpents Oath have established a formidable reputation in the darkness of the underground through their two exceptional albums, Nihil and Ascension. Now they have forged a new alliance with Odium Records, a label renowned throughout the world for their dedication to the dark, for the release of their as yet untitled third album - expected to descend upon us in late 2023.

Speaking about their new relationship with Odium Records, Serpents Oath commented:

"Since the release of our first album we have been in contact with Shadow of Odium Records. It was clear from the start that we shared the same vision on uncompromising black metal. Hence we are honoured to team up with an elite underground label that has released material from bands like Ofermod, Beastcraft, Acherontas, Varathron and Black Altar."

Going on to speak about the new, forthcoming album the band added:

"As this is the third record, we realised we had to challenge ourselves. Not only did we switch labels, but we also went to a different studio. The goal was to capture the energy that our live performances have and combine that with a pulverizing sound. At Project Zero Studio we achieved exactly that goal. Yarne pushed us to our limits when recording and then assured the mixing and mastering delivered that skull crushing result."

Shadow, the head of Odium Records was equally pleased to be able to welcome Serpents Oath to his roster:

"After following up such a strong debut with an equally impressive second album it was clear to us that we wanted to work with Serpents Oath. They bring a fresh wind whilst capturing the spirit of '90s black metal. Their third album will see them taking this to the next level."

Look out for further information about the new album from Serpents Oath in the coming weeks!

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