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  • Jason Hesley

BEHEMOTH - "In Absentia Dei" out now!

When Poland's metal masters BEHEMOTH unleashed their livestream upon the world in 2020, they raised the bar to a new level and went down in history as the band with one of the most ambitious, incendious and blasphemic broadcasted shows throughout the pandemic. Never before had anyone tried to bring such a cinematic happening into one massive show that took place in an abandoned church in rural Poland, right during the darkest times of the pandemic lockdown. After over a year since the show’s premiere, 'In Absentia Dei’ is still as legendary as in September 2020 and returns on a range of deluxe formats for fans to relive the heretic chef d'oeuvre that took place on that fateful night.

"In Absentia Dei" is now available as digital album, digibook and 3LP Vinyl in various colours and all Nuclear Blast triple LPs come with a premium 20-page booklet as well as a cut-out, build-at-home model of the church that BEHEMOTH performed in. Secure your copy here:

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