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  • Jason Hesley

Befell Announce Thrashy New EP “Solitude” And First Single “Ticks”

Befell is a new Pennsylvania-based band, who seamlessly intertwines aggression with melody. They are releasing their debut EP “Solitude” in May and in advance, are offering their single “Ticks” to the world.

For those who have heard Befell’s demo “Uproot”, what comes next is a big step up, they have refined and matured their songwriting, made darker melodies and heavier heavy parts, and made the songs better overall while sculpting their own sound. Befell explain the record and the single in their own words:

“Despite the overall dark melodies that sound almost in the black metal area in some parts, but overall the aggression and buildups to explosive parts make it a fun listen and it’ll hopefully give off the feeling of people wanting to hear these songs live. The singles are meant to show exactly what we’re all about. The track “Smoke Signals” demonstrates the blend of atmosphere, melody, and aggression while EP opener “Ticks” mostly leans towards the aggression and buildup to the riffs.”

The single “Ticks” is a cacophony of explosive movements, and the best way to open the EP as well. It kicks down the door right away and says “Hey, we’re here and we mean business, let’s have some fun!” This song is just a force to be reckoned with, the intensity is nonstop, but the use of dynamics allows little breathers only to build up to a bigger and heavier riff. This is one built for the mosh pit.

Befell is a brand new band, working hard to get their music out to ears around the world. Bruce Boring (vocals/guitars), Mitchell Caprio (guitars), and Jace Ebersole (drums) come together in the midst of the pandemic and managed to write almost ten songs remotely and put together both a demo and the EP this year. They have a modern thrash sound, but incorporate many different elements such as metalcore and vocal layering and adding synth and effect layers to boost some parts.

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