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  • Jason Hesley

Beenkerver Unveils "De Rode Weduwe" Official Video!

Beenkerver, the enigmatic force in black metal, proudly presents the official music video for "De Rode Weduwe", the lead single and title track from their much-anticipated second album. Vendetta Records is set to release the album on 1st March 2024, in an array of formats including digital, LP, CD, and cassette.

Following their debut "Ontaard", Beenkerver continues to forge their path in the black metal realm with "De Rode Weduwe". The album unfolds the tale of Sophia, the red widow, across seven haunting chapters, showcasing an evolution in Beenkerver's songwriting and production prowess. The project is helmed by the talented Niels Riethorst, who shoulders all instrumental and vocal duties, with Joris Nijenhuis on drums and Floor Vandenbrande providing guest vocals.

Produced by Spenser Morris and adorned with the striking artwork of Bram Bruyneel, "De Rode Weduwe" is a testament to Beenkerver's deep-rooted influences from 90's black metal, Dutch folklore, and the atmospheric nuances of their homeland's weather.

The album stands out not only for its musical depth but also for its staunch opposition to fascism, racism, gender-based discrimination, and its advocacy for animal rights.

The CD version of the album holds an exclusive treat for fans - the bonus track "Twee Wolven," adding another layer to Beenkerver's rich and dark musical narrative.

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