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  • Jason Hesley

Beauty And Devastation Lie Within Crown of Madness’ “The Manipulated” Off “The Void” Out March 2022!

On a mission to bring beauty into dissonance, the duo of vocalist/guitarist Sunshine Schneider and drummer Connor Gordon formed Crown of Madness over the Covid pandemic. Writing their first EP “The Void”, they are now ready to give listeners a first taste of this forthcoming debut with a lyric video for the single “The Manipulated”.

Having met through World of Warcraft, having a lifelong love for heavy metal and fantasy games as well as citing interests in games such as Dark Souls and Bloodbourne, their music has been greatly influenced by the dark and fantastical. The single “The Manipulated” takes inspiration from the classic movie Donnie Darko, as they explain:

“It was the second song we finished writing, the guitar work had a natural flow that made it easy to put together, however when we came to writing the lyrics it proved to be more difficult. Since Donnie Darko is a favourite between the two of us, we wanted to draw inspiration for the lyrics, rather than have the lyrics be “officially” based on the film. We liked the idea of having a greater purpose achieved by a predetermined path.”

“The Manipulated” has unique interweaving guitar riffs, with chord heavy parts that portray the beauty in their dissonant sound. Crown of Madness stands out from other similar artists, offering a dramatic flair and raw emotion to the world of death metal.

Recommended for fans of SoulsBourne games and bands such as Ulcerate, Vitriol, and Gorguts, “The Void” is devastating and atmospheric.

“The Void” is being released on March 25, 2022.

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