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  • Jason Hesley

Beaten to Death - Norwegian Grindcore Outfit Drop Video For New Song "My Hair Will Be Long Until Death"

Norwegian grindcore innovators Beaten to Death have just dropped a music video for a brand new track off the band's forthcoming sixth full-length studio album “Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis”, which is scheduled to be released on May 31st via Mas-Kina Recordings

Titled "My Hair Will Be Long Until Death", this new track has premiered at Metal Sucks, who commented "’s nearly 150 seconds of fire and fury with a simple follicle-based exclamation at the center of it all."

Watch the video at this location:

As always, the record was recorded live and mixed by guitarist Tommy Hjelm, and just like the previous two releases, William Hay signs the amazing illustration that adorns its cover. Pre-orders are now available at this location

The Oslo-based five-piece claim that they have all “aged horribly” since the band’s acclaimed last album, “Last Maar, Ik Verhuis Naar Het Bos”, was released in 2021 and have embraced that natural process and its theme within this new effort, but dismiss any thoughts of a band slowing down and settling into a more relaxed acceptance of things though for Beaten to Death are as uncompromising and voracious as ever and “Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis” ensures no one will have any doubts. Unleashing their familiar and fiercely individual torrents of grindcore dispute with melodic discord, the new offering is Beaten to Death at their most physically merciless, creatively ravenous and gleefully mischievous. 

Unleashed on the grindcore scene back in 2011, Beaten To Death has quarrelled with and dismissed expectations of the genre and the boundaries of any hardcore fury from day one. It has seen their five full-lengths from debut “Xes and Strokes” through to “Last Maar, Ik Verhuis Naar Het Bos” greedily welcomed and frequently acclaimed. Of course their sixth full-length holds nothing back in its dismissal of trends and expected processed procedures in its making either, broadly grinning at both and having fun with the themes it takes apart.

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