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  • Jason Hesley

BEAST IN BLACK - reveal bold video for new single 'Hardcore'

Last Friday, the international powerhouse BEAST IN BLACK released their long awaited third album "Dark Connection".

But that´s not all, they have another surprise for their fans with the release of the striking new video for third single "Hardcore", taken from the new album.

"Welcome to the next century. Dark connections and prohibited pleasures is the name of this ultimate game, a reality within reality. Some things are just too irresistible not to taste, even when it's your own life that is at stake." Anton Kabanen comments, as he sums up the core message of the video.

"Time to reveal the naked truth and face the judgment. What you're about to witness is the result of an unapologetic and unforgiving vision inspired by the mind bending works of Hajime Sorayama and raw cyberpunk animes of the 90's, namely, 'AD Police Files: The Phantom Woman'.

For your pleasure, or your slight, we present you: 'HARDCORE'!"

Watch the video here:

And there is one more highlight the band has in store - the amazing video game that they developed for their fans. You can play and get addicted here:

The track list for "Dark Connection" reads as follows:

1. Blade Runner

2. Bella Donna

3. Highway To Mars

4. Hardcore

5. One Night In Tokyo

6. Moonlight Rendezvous

7. Revengeance Machine

8. Dark New World

9. To The Last Drop Of Blood

10. Broken Survivors

11. My Dystopia

12. Battle Hymn (MANOWAR Cover)

13. They Don't Care About Us (MICHAEL JACKSON Cover)

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