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  • Jason Hesley


M-Theory Audio will be reissuing “Awaiting Evil,” the 2008 debut album from Bay Area thrashers HATCHET, on limited-edition blue smoke vinyl on May 6th. The upcoming release will mark the first-time release of the record on vinyl, plus it includes personal liner notes from guitarist Julz Ramos. Pre-orders are available now HERE. Those that purchase this edition of “Awaiting Evil” will also receive digital downloads of two bonus re-recordings of album tracks recorded by the current HATCHET lineup.

Says guitarist/current vocalist Julz Ramos, “Good year 2022 to all HATCHET LEGIONS worldwide! While we’ve been quiet on the surface, we’ve been working on a few things down here in the morlocks tomb! We want to announce the vinyl reissue of our debut album, 'AWAITING EVIL' due out this May 2022, on M-Theory Audio. This is a special event marking 14 years since its release and what better way than reissue it exclusively on vinyl as it was never done at the time of release. Big thanks to our label president and manager Marco Barbieri for spearheading this idea. The release will also feature two digital downloads for the rerecorded tracks 'Frozen Hell' and ‘Awaiting Evil’ from the album that were done during the 2015 'Fear Beyond Lunacy' recording sessions.

HATCHET's debut album, “Awaiting Evil” - which was originally released by Metal Blade Records - received praise for its “catchy galloping style” from The Metal Crypt. Then-HATCHET vocalist Marcus Kirchen was applauded by Sputnik Music for delivering his performance with “a fast and furious vocal style that fits this type of music perfectly,” and guitarist Julz Ramos was praised by Blabbermouth for his “seriously shredding leads.”

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