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M-Theory Audio is pleased to cooperate with HATCHET to make more of their catalog available again. This Friday, May 10th the band will have their last three albums on all online streaming/download platforms and under their control. 

In 2022 we cooperated with Hatchet and Metal Blade Records to bring you a licensed limited-edition version of their debut album ‘Awaiting Evil’ – the first time it appeared on vinyl. Now we bring you digital versions of the band’s next three albums – 2013’s ‘Dawn of the End’ and 2015’s ‘Fear Beyond Lunacy’ (both originally released by The End Records) and 2018’s ‘Dying to Exist’ (issued then by Combat Records). Understood that 2 of these records were still online, despite expired rights, but these are the official versions under the group’s control and for which they will be paid.

‘Dawn of the End’ – pre-save now –

‘Fear Beyond Lunacy’ – listen now –

‘Dying to Exist’ – pre-save now - 

“One of the most forgotten yet important things an artist can do is secure their master and publishing rights to their own music. A lot of artists consciously give this up early in their music career in lieu of getting signed, being on a label and having the mindset of going as far as you can with this potential support. It's a mindset as old as the music industry has existed and artists have desired to be a part of that industry. It's not wrong. It's natural as a young artist to want to push your exposure and boundaries as far as it can and to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak,” explains singer/guitarist Julz Ramos. “Hatchet were no different when we were starting out and much into our 2nd and 3rd albums. Now that I am older and reflect back, I'm super relieved to have had someone looking out for our best interests and future endeavors in this capacity. It means we are now In control of our entire catalogue and the rights for all our music belong where they should be in our control!”

“We want to thank Salem Rose Music and M-Theory Audio for making this a reality for us! This means all Hatchet material should be available in the coming days on ALL digital platforms. Stream it! Download it! And stay tuned for more new music and an upcoming EP release info!”

Marco Barbieri, head of M-Theory Audio, has a lengthy history with HATCHET befriending the band in their demo days and even bringing the Bay Area group to Las Vegas for a show he booked. After the Metal Blade release, Marco worked with Julz to cooperate on a music publishing deal with Salem Rose Music which led to entrenching their relationship, shopping for a new record deal and Marco since managing the band’s career. 

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