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  • Jason Hesley

BATTLEFRONT to release the Album "Among The Corpses" on July 23rd.

Among The Corpses, the upcoming release by Battlefront, is the follow up to their debut album Vengeance. It was developed over the course of the pandemic years, as an epilogue to their previous release.

Fully produced by Battlefront, in addition to co-producer Hector Vera whom also recorded, mixed, and mastered the tracks at La Casa En Llamas studio in Mexico City, this EP shows a more mature group, both musically and lyrically, talking about themes that range from vampires and war, to self rejection and the awareness of one's inevitable death. The deluxe edition release via Sliptrick Records will include three live performances and an exlusive never heard before new song, entitled Widow Maker, serving as a prologue and intention statement to what they will do in the near future as a band, musically speaking.

The music in this record is Battlefront's interpretation of a hybrid between thrash and core, with a little bit of hard rock, not leaving aside the melodic element and catchiness of a rock song.

The maxi-EP's duration comes in around the fifteen minute mark, enough time to enjoy the uniqueness of the music and to reflect along with it. Even though it's a short span of time, Among The Corpses leaves the listener wanting more.


01. Lips Of Blood | 02. Mirror Mirror | 03. Built For War | 04. Among The Corpses | 05. Widow Maker | 06. Heroes Of The Fire (Live) | 07. Mirror Mirror (Live) | 08. Scream In The Night (Live)

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