• Jason Hesley

BARK premiere "To the Grave" music video!

BARK, the metal group from Antwerp, Belgium, premieres "To the Grave", the third single from their latest album, Written in Stone.

The video explores the connection between the World of the Living and that of the Dead, portraying the link between these different realities and how they communicate with each other.

Once again, the audiovisual material was directed by Jeroen de Vriese (JayDeeVideo), who was also in charge of the previous video clip "Mass Lobotomy".

Martín Furia, guitarist and leader of the band, said the following in relation to the track:

"The video is about the loss of someone who means a lot to you. Who goes to the other world leaves something in those who remain in this and in turn takes a part of them. Those souls tend to come together again"

"It is the video that remains most faithful to the lyrics. Three worlds are represented, that of the Dead, that of the Living and that where the encounter between the two occurs, in a Time without Space."

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