• Jason Hesley

Barbarian Prophecies present the album 'Horizon'

Barbarian Prophecies is an extreme metal band formed in Spain in 2000. The band has played in different parts of Europe during all these years both in Underground events and in big festivals like Resurrection Fest.

The current line up is:

Alicia (Bass & Vocals)

Arnt (Guitar & Synths)

Diego (Drums)

Óscar (Guitars & Backing Vocals)

Barbarian's new album will be released in physical format in fall 2021, it is the band's 5th LP and the band's 9th studio work. Horizon" will be released digitally on August 16th. The CD and Vinyl edition will be under the labels:

- Base Record Production

- Hecatombe Records

- Violence In The Veins

- Iron Matron Records

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