• Jason Hesley

Barbarian Hermit - to reissue their debut album, "One"

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Barbarian Hermit released their most recent album 'Solitude and Savagery’ in 2018 on APF Records. Playing a heady mix of downtuned, fuzz-laden guitars they kicked out some of the raunchiest riffs in rock over elephantine grooves, the band created a sound that is as irresistibly catchy as it is crushingly heavy.

Following two UK tours the band opened up Bloodstock Festival in 2019.

Now in 2021 the band are set to reissue their 2016 debut album ‘One’ on 29th January. This version, remastered by Chris Fielding boasts an additional track, the previously unreleased, 9 minute, sludge-doom epic, 'Through The Periscope of the Deadly Sub’.

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