• Jason Hesley

Babylon Doom Cult Records presents the split LP between PISSWITCH and ST. ST. BARTHELEMY'S TEMPLE!

Babylon Doom Cult Records is proud to present the highly anticipated split LP between PISSWITCH and ST. BARTHELEMY'S TEMPLE, which is set for a July 9th release. These are two sonically very different bands, each pushing the limits of what is known and expected of their art, whilst still honoring tradition. A teaser is available at THIS LOCATION. PISSWITCH consist of leading figures from today’s raw black metal scene and have unleashed a beast of raw doom. Minimal, groovy and cavernous! ST. BARTHELEMY'S TEMPLE, from France, seem to have found a spring whose source spills from somewhere deep in Sheol, and have greedily drank its cold draught. Who are further from God than the dead who live not in His Kingdom but in an underworld of utter lightlessness and infinitesimal love? This feeling is exactly what ST. BARTHELEMY'S TEMPLE is going for with their melange of dirge-y NOLA riffs and vocals that echo all through your brain, where they stay, kicking around in your skull like a rock in your shoe. ST. BARTHELEMY'S TEMPLE might be a French black metal act, and they might want to sound like EyeHateGod, but don't go thinking they're some Glorior Belli clone. Quite the opposite actually. These guys have not taken a Metal Blade to their collective hanging sacks... yet. Tracklist:

01. Pisswitch - Totally Unbaptised 02. Pisswitch - Black That Now Shrouds 03. Pisswitch - Night Soil 04. St. Barthelemy's Temple - De Potentia Saturni 05. St. Barthelemy's Temple - To The Baneful Oblivion 06. St. Barthelemy's Temple - The Sword of The Victor

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