• Jason Hesley


Poland's blackened death metal beast AZARATH reveals details surrounding its highly anticipated seventh studio album "Saint Desecration". The record is set to be released on November 27th via Agonia Records.

The unholy metal congregation is pealing its bells for the third time this decade, announcing the successor of "Blasphemers' Maledictions" (2011) and "In Extremis" (2017). "Saint Desecration" is a new extreme illumination revealed by AZARATH at the altar of blackened death metal. Unrepentant and provocative to the core, the album is set to astound the connoisseurs of sonic terror. AZARATH crept from the shadows over two decades ago and is often described as a demonic mutation of Krisiun, Behemoth and Immolation. Co-founded by sole original member & drummer Inferno (of Behemoth fame), the group comprises long-running guitarist Bart (Damnation, Armagedon), long-time bassist Peter (ex-Lost Soul) and new vocalist Skullripper (Embrional). The new album "Saint Desecration" was recorded and mixed at Tall Pine Records with Haldor Grundberg (Satanic Audio) at helm and mastered at Audiosiege Studio by Brad Boatright. The cover artwork was painted by Marta Promińska of Hypnagogic Painting. Aleksander Ikaniewicz shot new band photos.

Tracklist: 1. Death-at-Will 2. Sancta Dei Meretrix 3. Let them Burn… 4. Fall of the Blessed 5. No Salvation 6. Profanation 7. Reigning over the Death 8. Life is Death, Death is Life 9. Inflicting Blasphemy upon the Heavens 10. Beyond the Gates of Burning Ghats 11. Pure Hate*

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