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  • Jason Hesley

AYDRA: signs with Rude Awakening Records!

Rude Awakening Records is proud to announce a new collaboration with Technical Death Metal act AYDRA from Italy.


AYDRA’s career begins in the mid 80s under the monicker Hydra, soon evolving to their definitive and peculiar style as one of the main Italian bands carrying the Technical/Prog Death Metal flag in the 90s.


Rude Awakening Records will take care of reissuing their whole discography: not only the main chapters “Icon of Sin” and “Hyperlogical Non-Sense”, but starting from the first official EP “Psycho Pain Control” (1996). What else should you expect? Unreleased track versions, live recordings, rare tracks… every reissue will see limited and numbered editions with new packaging, remastered audio and different artwork. Both CD and LP versions will be available, a must for collectors!


But wait, there’s more! AYDRA’s brand new comeback album is in the works, and will be released on October 10th, 2024. Exactly twenty years after their highly praised full “Hyperlogical Non-Sense”, which is also their last studio testimony.


Deatils for every release will be revealed during the next months, in the meanwhile AYDRA has published the lyric video for the EP titletrack “Psycho Pain Control”.

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