• Jason Hesley

Averted to release "Silenced" EP on Dec. 18th!

Averted paint stories of painful journeys and also of forgiveness. Exploring themes of war, mistakes and retribution, these messages are expressed within six profound and heavy songs featured on their debut EP 'Silenced' produced by Jack Stephens. Singer Syhem Angel explores different vocal techniques, alternating from intricate melodies to relentless screams, giving a voice to the different characters that are explored throughout this first release. The vocals are backed up by the catchy riffs and fun solos of Jamie Stevens, playing both rhythm and lead guitars. The aggressive and heavy bass lines of Logan Adshead complement the Prog-inspired guitars, all solidly supported by Merlin Angus Parr on the drums, who delivers a solid and groovy foundation for the band. Emotional, powerful and compelling, Averted's debut is a storytelling experience which is heavy and foreboding, but also conveys a message of hope, defiance and resilience.

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