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  • Jason Hesley

AVELION: Italian progressive metallers share new single "Alone in Time"

AVELION release the video for their new single "Alone in Time", watch it HERE!

The flagbearers of modern Italian progressive metal, AVELION, have been churning out bombastic singles for more than a decade, dropping a string of releases that have been helping shape the genre.

“After the release of our latest single 'Bound To Blackness' (June 2022), we consolidated the work done with Rick, our new singer, and this led to the completion of nine new songs.

It has been a long journey, in which we worked a lot, with a very high level of care, not worrying about the modern trend of prioritising quantity over quality. Releasing a new track just to 'trigger the algorithm' is not among our priorities. And our producer Simone Mularoni knows this well, as he guided us through the several production phases of the song: some of them were absolutely crazy! Thanks Simo!

This time the so called icing on the cake is the mastering, handled by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

'Alone In Time' is a catchy yet multilayered song which shows all the key characteristics of the 'Avelion sound'.

The concept of the song is the cyclical nature of Time, creator of infinite possibilities and at the same time destroyer of everything.

An infinite loop, like Nietzsche's Eternal Return, which becomes geometric surrealism, just like the 'Möbius Strip' so dear to David Lynch.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for their patience and support, we really can't wait for you to hear everything we've been working on!

New songs and new concerts are coming in the next few months... so stay tuned!”.

Each AVELION release expands and clarifies the band's mission to bring forth the most dynamic sonic offerings. Marrying progressive and modern metal influences, AVELION approach each song as a unique opportunity to destroy and rebuild the listener’s perception.

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