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  • Jason Hesley

AVELION: Italian progressive metallers release music video for latest single "Bound To Blackness"

Today AVELION release the video for their latest single "Bound To Blackness", watch it HERE!

The flagbearers of modern Italian progressive metal, AVELION, have been churning out bombastic singles for more than a decade, dropping a string of releases that have been helping shape the genre. In 2022, they return with “Bound To Blackness”, the first single recorded with new vocalist Riccardo Rizzardelli.

"We are proud to present the official video of 'Bound to Blackness'!

Less than a month after its release, the song keeps bringing us a lot of positive feedback. After a long silence and the line-up change, it is great to feel such energy. Heartfelt thanks to those who have been listening to it"!.

The song - recorded, produced and mixed bySimone Mularoni - is now available on all streaming platforms.

"'Bound To Blackness' is a song that manages to encompass all the main elements of our music: melody, groove, oddly shifting time signatures, electronics, ambient and cinematic arrangements, as well as dense progressive instrumental sections.

We worked very hard in the studio with Simone Mularoni to create a truly original and modern mix, suitable not only for progressive metal fans, but also for power and melodic metal listeners, as well as for djent and modern metal enthusiasts.

We can't wait to take old fans and new listeners on this journey through the different nuances that make up our sound.

The concept of the song is open to each listener's interpretation, but there is a message of self development and inner growth, which involves awareness, acceptance and finally overcoming our darkest side.

It's a song about fighting your inner nightmares to find yourself. A journey in which acceptance and redemption are to be sought within ourselves”.

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