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  • Jason Hesley

AVELION: Italian progressive metallers announce new singer!

Italian progressive metallers AVELION have announced the addition of new singer Riccardo Rizzardelli into the band’s ranks.

The band is currently putting the finishing touches to a set of brand new songs and will be releasing “Bound to Blackness”, the first single with the new frontman, on June 24th.

"We are proud to welcome Riccardo into our family, with him things worked perfectly right from the start and we take the opportunity to thank him for injecting new life into the project".

Each AVELION release expands and clarifies the band's mission to bring forth the most dynamic sonic offerings. Marrying progressive and modern metal influences, AVELION approach each song as a unique opportunity to destroy and rebuild the listener’s perception.

Watch for more details on the new single release, new tour updates, and more news on other upcoming AVELION activities to be posted shortly.

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