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  • Jason Hesley

Autumn's Grief to release "Dead By The Dawn" on Dec. 9th!

A Finnish metal band Autumn's Grief will release their second album "Dead by the Dawn" on December 9th 2022 via Inverse Records. The band's music consists elements of melodic metal, doom metal and soundtrack music spiced up with some pop-like hooks. Autumn's Grief released their debut album "The Dead Don't Smile" on 2021. The band describes their second album being a natural follower and like a sibling to their debut album. "Yet we have definitely taken things further on this second album. We've managed to find new elements and improve the sounds. All of us have sharpened our working methods and our co-operation as a band feels seamless." says the vocalist Noora Virtanen.

Track list:

01. The Tide 02. The Sea Of Apathy 03. Under The Belt Of Orion 04. Hanging In Midair 05. The Clearing 06. The Dragonfly 07. In The Presence Of The Sun 08. There Was A Light 09. They Talk To Me 10. Dead By The Dawn

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