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AUTARKH Featured on National Dutch Television Program!

Dutch extreme metal outfit AUTARKH are being featured on the national television show 'Muziekstad' (Music City), from the Dutch broadcasting company 3Voor12/VPRO. In the 30-minute short documentary, founder Michel Nienhuis explains his take on the heavy music scene of the city of Tilburg (NL), which is a fertile ground for the arts. The TV show also features Autarkh's first ever live performance of the tracks "Turbulence" and "Alignment." Check out the documentary HERE (English subtitles are available.)

Founder Michel Nienhuis comments: "It is quite rare to see extreme or underground music on Dutch national television nowadays - but due to the Dutch government investing in culture during the covid-19 crisis we got this unique opportunity to be part of the VPRO series Muziekstad. We feel honoured that we were chosen for this episode about the metal scene in Tilburg and it was heart-warming to be able to perform once again with our friends of Witte Wieven and Temple Fang. If you like what you see you can check out our full album premiere online at Roadburn Redux, Friday April 16 at 5:30 CEST."

To misquote Allen Ginsburg "the circle DODECAHEDRON is broken. But with death comes rebirth." AUTARKH takes a radical approach to their musical assault, consuming the listener with dizzying maelstroms of chaos. ‘Form In Motion’ embodies the word “extreme,” putting forth an intrusive battery of blistering guitars, pummeling drums, spastic math metal salvos and cacophonous electronics that culminates in one of the most robust and daring debut records metal has seen yet.

AUTARKH have previously announced their performance at the 2021 'Redux' edition of the prestigious and unique Roadburn Festival on April 16-18, 2021. For more information and RSVP possibilities on the digital event, please visit

'Form in Motion' is out NOW! Stream/download/order HERE.

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