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  • Jason Hesley

Austrian death metal band FALLEN UTOPIA releases "RUIN"

Hailing from Carinthia, Austria, FALLEN UTOPIA presents their third full-length album, "RUIN." The album delves into the theme of the downfall of civilizations, taking listeners on a journey through history's fallen empires. With their roots firmly planted in the Death Metal genre, the band offers a modern take, blending heavy guitars, potent vocals, and intense drumming to create a sound that's both ferocious and captivating.

This release marks a significant evolution for FALLEN UTOPIA. The band, known for their dynamic live performances and dedication to their craft, has poured their experience and passion into "RUIN." Recorded at Norbert Leitner in Vienna, the album promises to be a sonic experience that resonates with both long-time fans and newcomers to the band's music. The anticipation for the album is further heightened with the announcement of four accompanying music videos, showcasing the band's visual and artistic prowess.

The cover artwork, created by Pierre-Alain D. from 3mmi Design, encapsulates the album's theme, hinting at the depth and intricacy of the stories within. For fans of bands like Machine Head, Behemoth, and Kataklysm, "RUIN" is set to be an essential addition to their music collection.

FALLEN UTOPIA's commitment to their art is evident in every note and lyric. Their journey, from small bar concerts to international stages, has shaped their sound and vision. With "RUIN," the band invites listeners to join them in exploring the cyclical nature of civilizations and the inevitable rise and fall of empires.

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