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  • Jason Hesley

Australian Speed Thrashers LIVEWIRE release new music video for single ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

‘ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!’ is the latest single from Sydney, Australia’s LIVEWIRE. Thrashtastic and fast paced, the new single captures the magic of the classic era of thrash metal, while injecting a speed laden, modern sound with unlimited energy.

Officially formed in 2019, LIVEWIRE have released numerous singles while playing countless shows in their home country, including noteworthy festivals ‘Legions of Steel,’ “Churches of Steel,’ ‘Steel Assassins’ and Shredfest. They released their debut album, ‘UNDER ATTACK,’ in April of 2022.

As heard in their latest single and video from that album, ‘ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!’ will bang the head that doesn’t bang with an unrelenting pace, ripping riffs and undeniably heavy force of speed. Thrash your head off here on Spotify.

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