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  • Jason Hesley

Australian black/death metal force Tanin'iver unleash their fourth album, Dark Evils Desecrate!

Three years on from the violent rage of the last Tanin’iver album, The Lucifer Effect, Steve Lillywhite is back – still fighting against the randomly assigned cruelties of fate and still spitting venom at the grotesque targets that have inflamed his hatred. Armed with nine new incendiary tracks of rabid black/death metal, each more explosive than the last, Tanin’iver have returned to burn the world again – faster, harder and more deadly than ever before…Dark Evils Desecrate is here!

While each one of the three full length albums, two singles and one EP to have appeared under the Tanin’iver banner since its brutal birth in 2018 have been intense and furious outpourings of extremity, even their crimson hues pale beside the pure savagery of Dark Evils Desecrate. While past albums have focussed their aggression solely against bloated bastions of religion, this time Steve Lillywhite has broadened the scope of his bombardment of disgust. Humanity’s obsessions with war, racial intolerance, mindless violence and the insidious corruption of social media are all flayed to the bone by the machine gun riffs, scathing vocal attack and heavy artillery drum barrage that erupt from tracks like first single ‘Another World’s Hell’. The path to Dark Evils Desecrate has been a long and arduous one, beset by illness, addiction and tragedy, but the final results of all the labour and loss are quite incredible. Working once more with guitarist Liam Mohor, co-creator of The Lucifer Effect, Steve Lillywhite has forged an album of staggering power, built from superbly crafted songs, laden with vicious hooks and infused with boiling adrenaline. The unblinking stare, the unflinching ferocity, the drive, determination and single-minded intent are both magnificent and intimidating.

Backed by the dedication of label Morning Star Heresy, Tanin’iver will unleash Dark Evils Desecrate on January 25th, branding the New Year with their sigil of defiance. Adorned with the band’s trademark high impact artwork and produced, mixed and mastered to perfection by Steve Lillywhite himself, Dark Evils Desecrate is the ultimate expression of Tanin’iver’s unbreakable spirit and unquenchable fire. Brace for impact and prepare yourself for an exercise in domineering destruction!

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